Ronit Sadeh Consultants

"Ronit Sadeh Consultants" is engaged in the field of regulatory and professional requirements in Israel, regarding food, medical device, pharmaceutical industry, industrial and medical gases.


The company was founded in order to provide clients with a full shell support on safety, quality, operational efficiency and compliance with legislative requirements in these industries.


Practical understanding of these industries allows the identification of innovative services that can improve operational efficiency and save a lot of money. That, as well as dealing with the regulatory requirements facing specific constraints while promoting our customer to meet regulatory requirements.

Among the services offered by the company:

o Bringing organizations into compliance with regulatory requirements and preparing for internal and      external audits (such as FDA,GDP, GMP, ISO standards and more)

o RA consultant and registration of medical devices

o Transferring tutorials and lectures in the field of  safety and quality

o QA/RA consultant in the food industry

o Constructing processes, procedures and work methods from scratch

o Receipt of Environmental permits


The consultation process is customer focused, professional, with in-depth understanding of the industry, emphasizing quick deployment of the organizational environment, initiative and creativity.


CEO and founder, Ronit Sadeh, has 16 years of experience in the field of Food,nedical device,drugs, industrial and medical gases. She is a graduate of the Faculty of chemical engineering at the Technion and has M.A. in law from Bar-Ilan University.